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Company Profile

Life necessities, home appliances, the combination of plastic and metal can be seen everywhere in our everyday life.
We used to be in the metal industry and realized the inseparable relationship between metal and plastic. Since we are already in the recycling business, the recycling should not be limited to only metal wastes. We hope to convert wastes to reusable resources, reducing their impact on the environment.

Nothing is impossible

as long as we are willing to do it.

General Manager Lin Xin-Ling

Corporate Spirit

Treat customers with a sincere heart.

Treat customers with a sincere heart. Care for people and treat our employees with a spirit of respect, trust and equality. We are committed to building a “smiling” business, bringing everyone to work together towards the same vision.

​We have the responsibility to do our best to protect the earth. No matter how big are the challenges, we will continue to work hard towards the goal. We believe that "waste is a resource that has been put in a wrong place". We adhere to the belief of Plastic Recycling and Waste Reduction, giving new value to recycled plastics.

Yong Jyu Sin Plastic Co., Ltd.

Company Certification

泳鉅鑫ISO 9001 中文證書 2023.jpg

ISO 9001
Chinese certificate 

泳鉅鑫ISO 9001 證書 2023.jpg

ISO 9001
English certificate

泳鉅鑫ISO 14001 中文證書  2023.jpg

ISO 14001
Chinese certificate 

泳鉅鑫ISO 14001 證書  2023.jpg

ISO 14001
English certificate



Business Philosophy

Today is the era of teamwork; only cross-industry alliance can generate more economic benefits. We give priority to efficiency, quality and service, and consider the problems of our customers as our own. To overcome challenges, we must find answers from problems, making us to improve and bringing us to a new level.

​Our employees as well as their families are our responsibility. We provide our employees with a good quality of life and a worry-free working environment, resulting in better performance for our company. Social responsibility is already part of the company and it is our duty to give back to the minority groups.

Sustainable Development

Yong Jyu Sin Plastic Co., Ltd.
Yong Jyu Sin Plastic Co., Ltd.

Keep a Foothold in Taiwan and Have the Whole World in View

Plastics give the impression of products that are cheap and can be discarded after use, which may generate tremendous wastes and affecting the ecological environment. We are aware of the importance of environmental protection; therefore, it is necessary to do our best to protect the earth

We are constantly upgrading our equipment and facilities. We believe that "Good craftsmanship depends on use of the right tools", and professional equipment and talents can work together to achieve the best result.

We build strong foundation in Taiwan while actively expanding our international markets, hoping that customers around the world can understand more about the value of recycled plastics.

Yong Jyu Sin Plastic Co., Ltd.


Our company was founded in April 2013.We are originally in the metal industry. Our main business is based on the machinery separation for two major categories of product, namely metal and plastics, different from other companies in the plastic and metal industry.


  • April: The first metal separation equipment was established

  • December: Crushing machine and Crushing Department were established - Plastic sorting and crushing


  • May: Specific gravity separation water tank and Float Sorting Department II were established – Plastic and metal appliance waste treatment

  • July: Boiler, plastic grinding equipment and Steam Boiling Department were established – Plastic impurity high-temperature treatment


  • June: Analysis equipment for 8 major heavy metals, impact strength injection equipment and Quality Assurance Laboratory were established – Material inspection

  • July: Trading Department was established – Raw material procurement and import/export businesses


  • June: Information Department was established for customer services.

  • December: Wastewater treatment facility was introduced to comply with the environmental regulations of the government, achieving operation legalization in the future. 


  • January: Due to the overloading of equipment, the second set of treatment equipment was established for the Float Sorting Department and the Steam Boiling Department

  • March: In cooperation with the government’s SBIR project, the ERP information operation process was introduced to manage vertically operations such as warehousing, production and accounting.

  • August: Due to the high transportation cost, 26-ton large trucks were purchased to establish the Transportation Department, which will help increasing revenue and reducing expenditure.


  • March: ISO9001 Quality Management System

  • June: Obtained PCR Certification from the Plastic Industry Development Center

  • November: Added the granulation department


  • March: Full-scale ERP big data linking and establishment of the station situation center

  • June: ISO14001 Environmental Management System


Yong Jyu Sin Plastic Co., Ltd.


No. 752, Hudong Rd., Xinhua Dist., Tainan City 712016, Taiwan


Tel : +886-6-5801106



Fax : +886-6-5901188

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