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Employee Benefits

We believe that employees are the most valuable asset of our company. How to provide a worry-free working environment for our employees and bring out their talents are the goals that we should strive for. In order to attract outstanding talents, we offer excellent salary as well as benefits for our employees and create a good working environment, allowing our employees to work happily and grow with us.


Diversified employee benefit plan

Excellent employee benefits

Employee benefits include: Mid-Autumn Festival bonus, Dragon Boat Festival bonus, labor pension, overseas & domestic company trips, transportation subsidy, and health examination subsidy.

Comprehensive insurance and protection

In addition to the Labor Insurance and the National Health Insurance required by the government, we also offer a comprehensive group insurance plan.

Wedding and funeral subsidies

We apply the Labor Pension Statutes of the Pension System required by the government.

The labor pension is paid monthly by the company according to the Labor Pension Statutes and is paid in accordance with the monthly salary scale approved by the Executive Yuan to the private account of each employee set up by the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Advanced studies and trainings

- We attach great importance to the development and training of our employees. -

The trainings are divided into internal training and external training.

Internal training is further divided into new employee training and professional training.

(1)The training we offered to new employees includes introduction to our company, business philosophy, rules and regulations, etc.

(2)We offer internal professional training from time to time to our employees according to their work needs.

External training

Our employees can apply for external trainings depending on their work and personal development needs, or if assigned by their supervisors.


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